Why Some People Are More Blessed Than Others | How To Get Yours

Some people know how to live in blessing.

Some people know how to live in blessing.

Have you ever met people who seem to get all the blessings? I mean, all of them? Everything they touch is golden, and favor follows them around like a puppy. They even boast about being God’s favorite. Now you know that’s not right, because God doesn’t have favorites. Or does He?

Why is it that those people are so blessed! It’s because they know that God actually does have favorites. In point of fact, we are all His favorites. It’s just that some people understand it and others don’t. The ones who do understand live in the favored blessing.

So how do you get in that club? It’s easy. You just believe God. You believe everything He says. If He says to stop worrying, you stop worrying. If He says to love Him with all your heart, then you love Him with all your heart. Believe the Word of God as truth, and live it, and you will be smack in the middle of the Favor Club.

If you fuss about what is right and wrong, if you stress about being perfect or out of order, you will not get in. Your attention has to be fully on Jesus so that He can work out all the details you stress over. If you are not living in favor, then ask God why. Let Him show you what He wants from you. Favor can be yours if you are honest before God and want His will above yours.


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