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The Secret To Happiness

spiritual giftsI’m going to share a key to happiness that I learned from God. It’s not deep, but it is profound. The secret to happiness is…don’t be unhappy.
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When Is It Convenient To Be Kind?

what are spiritual giftsIt’s not hard to be kind when everything is going well. We can be generous even. But what about when you’re running late? What about when you’re in a hurry and the car in front of you isn’t moving through the green light? What about when you’re on a deadline and everything falls apart at the last minute? Continue reading “When Is It Convenient To Be Kind?” »

The Decision That Will Change Your Life

what are spiritual giftsHow would you feel if you watched your son struggle to get to work because he didn’t have a car?
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Kindness Is Not An Option

fruit of the spiritSome people have very sweet tempers and kindness is easy for them. Then you have the rowdy ones who need to be reigned back with some loving discipline  Kindness is not the first response for many people. Continue reading “Kindness Is Not An Option” »