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Jesus Wants Your Big Questions

how do I prayIf you had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Jesus, what would you talk about? Assuming, of course, that it wasn’t terrifying or overwhelming. ¬†What if Jesus came in a friendly let’s-just-talk kind of way. What would you talk about? Continue reading “Jesus Wants Your Big Questions” »

How To Talk To God

God has many ways to communicate with you.

God is not distant and He wants you to talk to Him.

A lot of people wonder how to talk to God. They’ve been led to believe that He is distant and talking to Him requires a mystic incantation or special prayers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Continue reading “How To Talk To God” »

How Do I Pray?

prayer is conversation with God

Prayer comes from your intimate relationship with God

For a lot of people, prayer is a mystical incantation, a formula to be studied. What if I don’t get it right? Will God hear me? Will He answer my prayer if I screw it up? Continue reading “How Do I Pray?” »