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God Fills the Deep Need to be Wanted

What is the love of God

God loves you and wants you.

Remember being a kid and hoping to be picked for a team? Kids all around you have been picked and you hope against hope that you won’t be the last one left standing alone. You want to be wanted. You want other people to like you and want to be with you. How amazing it is to know that God has wanted you from before creation. Continue reading “God Fills the Deep Need to be Wanted” »

You Are More Wonderful Than You Know

love of GodGod loves who you are. Isn’t that amazing? He loves your heart and your hidden dreams. He loves all the wonderful potential that He put in you. He actually knows you better than you do. Continue reading “You Are More Wonderful Than You Know” »

You Are Loved, Really Loved

God loves you completely

God loves you more than you can ever understand.

Because we have this God-shaped hole in our spirit, if we don’t fill it with God, then we suffer for it. Continue reading “You Are Loved, Really Loved” »