Crucible Heart

Crucible Heart


              Crucible Heart is the first book in The Jenna Series

Jenna Johnson did two years in prison for killing a child while texting and driving. Living with the guilt made her suicidal, until she met Jess. Jess’ constant encouragement that God can fix anything finally broke through Jenna’s thick walls of protection. But the road to redemption was a learning curve, and Jenna had a lot to learn. When she finally understood the truth of the Bible, her hard won victory was shattered in a devastating moment of truth. Only her new found faith could save her from her own self-destruction.

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Reviews for Crucible Heart:

“Crucible Heart” rocks. It’s really, really good. Symons has created an neat, quirky cast of characters and given each one depth. Her voice–Jenna’s voice–is unique, sassy and funny. She made me laugh, she made me cry. And repeat.

From the very first chapter The Crucible Heart grabbed my attention and tugged on my heart. I found myself engrossed in the character of Jenna, empathizing with her pain and. celebrating her freedom. What a gripping story of Jesus’ power to bring life and hope!

Got the book yesterday and finished it today; couldn’t put it down! Love the characters…I always base a good book on how well I can “picture” the characters and the author did a fantastic job of this. The story line has a lot of twists and turns with more than many messages being conveyed. Wish the sequel was out already, did not want the story to end. Highly recommended!

I loved this book. It’s very well written, it has great character development, surprises and a wonderful example of the power of Forgiveness. I love how Kingdom principles are sprinkled throughout the book that bring insight and revelation. A must read.

This book is available as ebook and paperback on Amazon and other ebook formats.

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