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Teach me things I do not know.

Walk with me to Emmaus. Tell me the things I do not know. Open my eyes to see the hidden riches, hidden away for the sons of God. Take me behind the veil and show me your wonders. Take me to Emmaus. Walk with me and teach me Your ways. Give me Your ears to hear what others cannot. Let me hear the soft calling of your Spirit and the heartbeat of Your great love. Give me Your eyes to see beyond the complacent things of this world. Let me find the miracle majesty of your hand. Give me Your understanding so I recognize wonder when I see it, even if I have to step past others who doubt and scoff. Take me to Emmaus through the narrow gate the prevents me from carrying anything with me that is not of You. Show me Your ways. Teach me, I will be taught. I want to know and receive all of Your promise. Help me to give back one hundred fold. Walk with me today. I have so much to learn.


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Was That A Coincidence Or Was That God?

God is a great communicator.

Remember when we talked about How To Hear God? He’s constantly talking to us. I didn’t say communicating because that implies that we heard Him and talked back. The problem is that we tend not to be listening. Then something happens that seems like a coincidence and we wonder, was that God? Our old nature stands up quickly to say officially that it was not. But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. (1Cor 2:14) Tell your old nature to shut-up and start paying attention to coincidences. Once you decide that you will keep your eyes and ears open to God talking to you, you have to start believing in those subtle messages. If it speaks to your spirit, then you’re onto something. Respond back to Him and look for more. You’ll start to see His hand everywhere. God loves a good conversation, everyday. Tell Him first thing in the morning that you want to hear from Him and then pay attention all day. It willl start a conversation that will never end.

What Is A Prophetic Word? Part Three

Now that you have your list of promises, read it like it’s a letter from God. These are things He wants to do for you. Claim them as promises. Remind God that He promised. If you get a word that you brush aside, or never believe, chances are great that you never will see it fulfilled. God’s promises are true. You can trust them. But you need to give life to them by believing them and expecting them to happen. I get excited every time I read through my list. I can’t wait to see these things start to happen. They may not happen for years, but I’m still excited and I thank God all the time for what He’s promised. He’s so generous because He wants to be real in my life. And the more I believe Him for, the more He’ll do for me, in me, and through me.