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Back Off! He’s Not The Enemy

Learn to live in Opposite World.

The truck driving way too fast cut you off and nearly caused you to collide with another car in the middle of the freeway. Yes, you’re blood pressure will go up, but cool your jets a second and take a breath. Even if the driver actually was a maniac bent on causing as many deaths on the freeway as possible, he’s still not your enemy. If that guy came to Christ, he could very well be your best friend in the Lord. God loves everyone. He is not willing that any¬†should perish. (2Pet 3:9).

The real enemy is the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy. Satan comes against us all and we have to deal with him in spiritual terms. This is where God’s secret law of Opposite World comes in. He says to bless those who curse you. (Matt 5:44) Give your coat and your cloak. Remember, your kindness changes the atmosphere. Pray the opposite of the evil being done. Where there is injury, pray for healing. Where there is anger, pray for joy. Where there is ignorance, pray for revelation. Act in the goodness of God, not against what is bad. Your weapons in God’s Opposite World are works of the Spirit and what could be more powerful than that?