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What Is Salvation?

what salvationSalvation is not believing in God and going to church. The demons in hell believe in God, and going to church doesn’t save you any more than going to the corner deli. Jesus didn’t preach about salvation. He preached about the kingdom of God.  Continue reading “What Is Salvation?” »

What If Your Dreams Are Too Small?

Press in to what you know is your destiny and don't look back.

Press in to what you know is your destiny and don’t look back.

If you happened to meet a billionaire at the airport and he liked you and decided to fund you  in anything you wanted to do, what would you do?
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Praising God Makes Us Strong

GodWe are told over and over in the Bible to praise the Lord. We praise Him because He is Lord, because He redeemed us, and He is worthy of all praise. When we really get that, we don’t need to be told. But sometimes we do need to be reminded when we are sick, when we are disappointed, when we are sad. Continue reading “Praising God Makes Us Strong” »