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What If Your Dreams Are Too Small?

Press in to what you know is your destiny and don't look back.

Press in to what you know is your destiny and don’t look back.

If you happened to meet a billionaire at the airport and he liked you and decided to fund you  in anything you wanted to do, what would you do?
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How Do You Pray To A Trinity? Part Three

You need a relationship with Jesus.

What do you feel when you think about praying to Jesus? Can you see Him in your mind? If you don’t feel comfortable going to Jesus, you may have issues with siblings. There is a roadblock there that needs to be removed so you have total access to the Godhead. Ask Jesus what the problem is that prevents you from feeling comfortable with Him. Do you need to repent for something or receive forgiveness? Be open and honest with Him and He’ll bind up the wounds and bring peace. You need to have a relationship with your Brother/Savior/Friend. After all, He died for you. He really wants you to come to Him.