Why Aren’t My Prayers Answsered?

Does heaven seem closed to you?

Why do prayers seem to go unanswered in the middle of critical times? We pray because we know we need help and we turn to the One who we are told will answer. But then, nothing happens. What gives?

We need to back up and answer, who is God? Is He some incorporeal Being who watches us destroy ourselves with no personal interaction that we must stand before some day? If so, then we have no expectation of Him answering anything. Or is He the Answered Prayer Dispenser, only there for fixing our issues?

How do you read the Bible? Is it real to you or theologically irrelevant in today’s society? If God is the God of the Bible, then the Bible is true and He wants more of you than you are probably giving Him. Go back to Genesis and see why God created man. It was all for relationship. When we turn our hearts to Him, as the Word says to, then we have His full ear and there is nothing He won’t do for us. If we push Him out to the outer rings of the activity that fills our lives, He has no obligation to answer anything – not that He won’t, He’s a very loving God.

Are you frustrated that your prayers never seem to be answered? Where exactly is God in your life? Then consider that His answers may not look like yours.


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