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Of Books and Readers and Happy Thoughts

It’s been crazy promoting a new book. It’s as much work as the writing, but it’s exciting to see people find what I wrote and like it. That’s just what it’s all about. It’s great when I find a good book. I feel as if I’ve found new friends and I feel a connection with the author. I get what he had in his mind, or I think I do. If he’s a good author then I probably did get what he meant. (Or she, I’m not trying to be sexist!) It’s even cooler being the author and having people make that connection with me. I think every writer has a little Sally Field inside of us – You liked it! You really liked it! There’s an extension of who we are that goes out to the reader and finds a place to be remembered. Even if the reader hates it, they won’t forget. I hope to be remembered fondly actually. And when that reader is a child, I am especially jazzed. Kids are so open to wonder and imagination that it’s just fun to go there with them.

So here’s to you readers! Find your books and enjoy them. We’re here for you as much as you are here for us. I may never meet you or hear from you, but if you have my books, then you have a part of me that I hope you enjoy. But feel free to let me know : )