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Thank you to everyone writing good things about Where the Jewels Are. Here are some of the reviews.

L. Hilton:
 “WHERE THE JEWELS ARE is a cute little book designed for children ages 6 – 11 and is the first book in the Tales from the Throne series.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this excellently written children’s book, and then gave it to my eight year old daughter to read. She couldn’t put it down until she finished reading it.

Not only is this an excellent story, but it also teaches a valuable lesson. If you are looking for a children’s book to help fill some summertime hours, then be sure to pick up WHERE THE JEWELS ARE. Available at and at”

Harrison Whyte:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “`Where the Jewels Are’  is a Page Turner Children’s book. Diana Symons talented ability to keep the story moving to an Exciting Climax left me wanting to know what would happen to the Princess. The servant girl Winifred is a delightful person you will want to meet. The King, who is the princess father, has all the qualities of a King you would want your daughter or son to have. How he is wise will add wisdom to your child’s character and give mom and dad some ideas how to be wise `mom and dads'”

“A delightful children’s book that I predict will become a family favorite. The usual tale of a child with everything, but who wants more. The Princess also has a wise-enough father to know how to deal with his child. I loved how Diana brought in the father’s wisdom in sending servants to watch over his daughter: something we don’t realize till the ending.

The servant child is a sweet person willing to do her duty in making the Princess happy. Fortunately, the Princess must inherit some of her father’s wisdom, because she learns a valuable lesson that real jewels–real treasures–are our friends.

I happily recommend this wonderful book to anyone who wants to give their child a good read. Looking forward to your next one, Diana! ”

Suzanne:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Where the Jewels Are is book number one in Diana Symons’ Tales From The Throne series for young girls. If you have a little girl in your life, ages 6-11, then you’ll want to share this delightful little book with her. The only thing I didn’t like about this book is that it ended and I don’t have the next volume, I need to know what happens next!”

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  1. Akindele toyin

    I don’t this book should be for only it can also be useful to adults and parents i’m waiting for the next book diana


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