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The Simplest Prayer

The simplest prayer is no prayer at all. It is loving and being loved. It is looking into the eyes of the Father while trying to say thank you. You may try, but when his love floods your soul, the best you can do is smile through your tears. No words have to be spoken in a moment like that. The words are necessary for other times, but when you are locked into the heart of God, the best you can do is try to absorb it all. He knows that and it’s OK. In fact, you may go through seasons were all you do is weep when you think of him. It does something inside. I’m not sure what, but I feel it. Sometimes I choose to be wordless with him so I can just sit in his peace. Other times I couldn’t speak if I had to. The loving, the listening, the tears, and the wonder – it’s all prayer and it all matters.

You Are More Wonderful Than You Know

love of GodGod loves who you are. Isn’t that amazing? He loves your heart and your hidden dreams. He loves all the wonderful potential that He put in you. He actually knows you better than you do. Continue reading “You Are More Wonderful Than You Know” »

Where Is God?

GodThere are certain times of the year that people suffer loneliness  It may be holidays or a birthday or an anniversary.  It seems that no one knows how alone they are and depth of pain that they carry. They lay awake at night wondering where is God? Continue reading “Where Is God?” »