God Is Everything You Want Him To Be

God is gentle with us. He does not intrude into our misconceptions or wave red flags when we’re wrong about Him. He allows Himself to be misunderstood. He lets us wander any path we choose to take, though He will give direction if we’re listening and aware. If we ignore His warnings, He leaves us to the consequences of our actions. He allows Himself to be what ever we want Him to be. If we believe Him to be angry and vengeful, then He will not dispute us. If we believe Him to be a concept of societal making, He will stand by quietly as we build a case against Him. He will not defend Himself.

However, if we believe Him to be the Living God who created the universe, who allowed Himself to be Emmanuel, God with us, then He will be God with us. If we believe Him to be a God of miracles, then He will be a God of miracles. He will be to us as powerful and loving as we allow Him to be. If we allow our faith to rise to the level of those around us, He will never be more than that. But if we stretch our faith further and further, He will meet us step for step. He will be everything we believe Him capable of. God is not the one to set limits, we are. We determine how much He will do. Think about that and see if you can watch Him be everything you need Him to be. God is massive and He can be so much more than you know.

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