The Key of David

My new book: The Key of David and God’s Eternal Kingdom

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How did David become a warrior, king, and psalmist to a nation? What was it about David that God loved so well? Did David bring Israel into the Iron Age? And what really happened with Bathsheba? Psalms that David wrote at specific times in his life give us glimpses into his thoughts as we read them along with his story. Beyond that, this is the fascinating account of how David closed the gap between the Old and New Covenants to become the key to an eternal kingdom.

“Diana Symons Book ,The Key of David, is a book inspired by the Lord. It is well researched giving it depth of biblical truth with impressive insights into King David’s life, kingdom and revelations into divine worship. But most of all it speaks to how God can find “a heart after God” in a flawed and imperfect believer. I am in the process of re writing a book and in reading Diana’s book it allowed me to have a breakthrough in understanding the person God is searching for who knows and can reveal His heart. This is a powerful book and one that will give you unique insights not only into King David life and ministry but into the heart of God himself.”

Dr. Daniel J. Griffiths
Professor of Biblical Studies at Northern California Bible College

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