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God Blesses Persistent Faith

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God blesses persistent faith

I’ve been on a boat ride through this arch in Cabo San Lucas.  It used to be a solid piece of rock, but over the years, the action of waves eroded it. Where there once was a wall, now there is an archway. Continue reading “God Blesses Persistent Faith” »

Fear Of Man Is Obeying The Enemy

Fear is obeying the enemy.

You don’t have to let fear control your life.

Have you ever felt the urge from God to do something or say something and just chickened out? Join the club. Continue reading “Fear Of Man Is Obeying The Enemy” »

It’s Time To Step Out

in faithSometimes we cry out to God to do something when God has put it in our hands to manage. We are told to make disciples, heal the sick, raise the dead, and preach the gospel. We’ve been given all that we need, we just need to do it.  Continue reading “It’s Time To Step Out” »