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How Can I Hear From God? Part 5

God Speaks Through Numbers And Colors

Remember that God is always talking to you. He is always trying to communicate how much He loves you. He will use anything to get your attention. Sometimes it’s a situation that opens up that you know hand to be His hand. It probably was. Numbers have significance in the Bible. If a number gets your attention for some reason, maybe it keeps popping up where ever you go, try to find out what it means. Colors have meaning. Blue is the color of revelation, God is definitely trying to get your attention. White-purity, red-redemption, green-new life, etc. Don’t go overboard and start seeing every single thing as a sign from God, but keep your eyes open, it could be. Next, one more way God talks to you.

How Can I Hear From God? Part 4

God Speaks Through Our Imagination

We know that God talks to us through our thoughts, but He also uses our imagination. Think of an object that’s in a different room from where you are. You can see it in your head. You don’t have to have your eyes closed to get that picture, but it works that way too. Those pictures in your mind are a very common way for God to speak to you. While you are in prayer, you might see a picture of something you weren’t previously thinking about. Stop and consider it, there may be a message there. Think about what that picture actually means. It could be about you or someone else. Maybe He wants to use you to minister to someone. Maybe He wants to show you a gift or blessing He wants to give to you. It could be anything, so pay attention. Next, some random ways God uses to talk to you.

How Can I Hear From God? Part 3

God Speaks Through Our Thoughts

God made you so He’s very aware of how you think and feel. He speaks through your own consciousness more than you realize. Thoughts can come to you from the enemy, yourself, or God. It’s good to recognize which is which. In fact, it’s very good to know that there are bad thoughts that don’t belong to you at all. You can just ignore them. But God gives you awesome thoughts. They may be ideas for new things, insight and revelation about situations or people, or a communication telling you how important you are to Him. God’s thoughts won’t scare you or make you feel bad about yourself. He’s plan is to always make you better and feel safe. And the cool thing is, you can have a complete conversation with Him and no one can hear it. He understands privacy. Coming up, more ways He talks to you.

How Can I Hear From God? Part 2

God can talk through cirumstances

God has many ways of talking to us

What are other ways that God talks to us? Through other people. And that can be anybody, not just other Christians or people you think have the ear of God. Any conversation can trigger your spirit to pay attention. A random comment might confirm something that you heard before.

Pay attention if different people happen to say the same things to you. You might hear from God through something you heard on TV, an email, or a billboard. God has access to everything and He’s pretty creative about using it. It’s easy to pass off His communication as coincidence, so think before you ignore it. Change your perspective from He doesn’t talk to me to He’s always talking to me. Next post, some more ways He communicates.

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How Can I Hear From God? Part 1

God loves to talk to us.

Yes, God talks to us.

I don’t know why I was surprised to learn that God wants to talk to me. But when you stop and think about it, He set up a plan for  us to connect with Him through Jesus’ death on the cross. It was a huge move on His part, just to let us go directly to Him. If He was willing to do all that, why wouldn’t He want to talk to me now, today. It makes sense.

So, exactly how is He talking to me? Well, it turns out that He has all kinds of languages, and not just the kind that we speak. He will use any form of communication that we have—whatever we see, hear, feel, or think. He uses scripture a lot because He wrote it. Those verses that jump off the page? That’s Him talking. Keep a journal and write them down and date them. Go back and read them and see what He’s telling you. Next post, more ways God talks to you.

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