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Your Helmet Protects Your Thoughts

about salvation

helmet of salvation

Your helmet of salvation is essential. It is what grounds you in the kingdom. The hardest, most devastating attacks of the enemy will come not so much to your body but to your mind, and it’s interesting that there is a specific piece of armor to protect your head. Continue reading “Your Helmet Protects Your Thoughts” »

What Is Salvation?

what salvationSalvation is not believing in God and going to church. The demons in hell believe in God, and going to church doesn’t save you any more than going to the corner deli. Jesus didn’t preach about salvation. He preached about the kingdom of God.  Continue reading “What Is Salvation?” »

God’s Great Plan

God's plan for salvation

God thought of you before anything was made.

In the beginning, when the world was without form and void, the Godhead looked forward into the future and saw a time when He would live with a people who knew Him and loved Him. Continue reading “God’s Great Plan” »