Working With The Best

I had the best meeting with my business Partner today. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself or discouraged that I don’t seem to be doing what I really have inside me to do and He always tells me to calm down. He’s so encouraging. Sometimes I forget how good He is at helping me do my best. I love working with Him. In our partnership, I do a lot of work, or not, and He does stuff behind the scenes. He knows people I don’t and has access to places and things I don’t even think about. Sometimes He comes up with the strangest ideas, but they always work out. Today He had to make it clear to me that I need to sit down and write and let Him take care of some PR. I forget how good His is at His job, He’s been doing it longer than I have. And one of the benefits in working with Him is that instead of bringing calorie-laden snacks to the meetings, He always brings the best fruit!

1 thought on “Working With The Best

  1. duke1959

    So often when you have a passion about something it gets diffcult to realize that you need somone else to help. I had a teacher is college whose favorite saying is this ” there are no solo’s in life”. I think sometimes we forget that.


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