Put On The Garment Of Praise And Be A Worshiper

Give God the praise that He deserves.

Give God the praise that He deserves.

Praise is something that we initiate. It does not come bundled with faith. Just because we believe in God and say that He is Lord, we are not automatically praising Him. Praise is intentional.

Praise is an act of worship. You will often hear of “praise and worship”, as if they are separate, but really what is meant is joyful worship followed by reverent worship. Praise is joyful worship directly from your heart to God.

Praise is your delight in who God is. The scripture refers to putting on the garment of praise because it is an attitude that we take on—joy,delight, love. It is our expression to our God from the depths of our soul to the heights of heaven.

Sitting in church next to someone engaged in praise does not draw you in with them. If you do not participate yourself, then there is no praise in your heart. If you can’t praise God, then you need to talk to Him about that. Are there issues that you need to confess or forgive? You must do it. Lay down the spirit of heaviness and put on the garment of praise. (Isa 61:3) It is an act of worship that will bless your soul.


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  1. Nathaly

    Tough duty for the leaders of wohisrp. If wohisrp meets that criteria they will come. Spiritual needs and expectations are so varied that most denominations fill only a small portion.


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