Discouragement Requiers Decision

Whose truth will you believe?

Know what happens when you go through seasons of blessing? The enemy comes at you like a flood. He hates that God is working in your life. He overwhelms you with lies and discouragement. In an instant, you fall from joy to despair. For some reason, the lie feels more real than the truth. It takes a bit to realize what just happened, but then you have decision to make. Whose truth will you believe? In the middle of discouragement, it’s difficult to mentally make the decision to believe the right thing, but you have to do it. Will yourself to just believe what is true and the truth will flow back into your spirit. The clouds will part and you’ll be back. Resist the devil and he will flee. That resistance is the result of a decision. The longer you allow yourself to wallow in discouragement, the longer you believe the lie. Just say no.

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