Don’t Lose Your Endgame

It’s ok to sink. Just get up.

It’s one thing to start of strong, the hard part is sticking the landing. The early days of our faith are full of the giddy excitement of first love. We are fearless and effusive about how magnificent God is. We can do anything, go anywhere, give up so much. But just like Peter walking on the water, we take our eyes off of Jesus and look straight into the eyes of our greatest fear. Could there be anything more terrifying for a fisherman than drowning? But Peter got over it to become a pillar in the early church. How? By faithful communion with the Lord his entire life.

The enemy is subtle. The snake in the garden wasn’t terrifying to Eve. We need to do self checks on a regular basis to ensure that we are not looking at anything or anyone but Jesus. If we are, we’re like the frog in the pan with the water already heating up around us. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. There is no life without Him. There is no truth without Him. And any way that is not His way is doomed.

If Peter could do it, we can do it. Remember your first love and end strong.


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