Faith Means That You Really Trust God With Your Life

Fear not, live in peace.

Fear not, live in peace.

If the demands of life are too hard on you, you are not trusting God. It’s that simple. It’s true that God will ask more of us that we think we can manage, but if that leads to stress and fear, then you don’t believe that He will help you at all.

We all do this, so don’t beat yourself up about it. It may take that headache, stomach ache, or back pain to make you wake up and realize that you’re holding stress in your body. That is not God’s plan for you at all. You are called to live in peace, no matter what the pressures are.

Cast your burdens on Him. It’s a command, not a suggestion. If you are not trusting God with the answers, you need to repent. Take a deep breath and breathe in His peace. He knows. He’s got a plan. A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but if you trust God, you’ll be just fine.

It starts with repentance. Confess that you haven’t been living in faith. Give Him what stresses you and receive His peace. Do it over and over if you have to. It’s easy to take back our worries after we hand them over, so leave them with the Lord. Life is good. It’s time to enjoy the blessings that are yours.


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