God Delights In Simple Faith

God loves simple faith.

God loves simple faith.

Do you find it surprising that every time Jesus was astounded by someone’s faith, it was someone outside the Jewish faith? They were people who simply heard what He said and saw what He did and believed Him. They didn’t argue or demand to know where in the law He had the right to perform miracles.

The church today is not much different from the religious society that Jesus faced. If Jesus came into a service and acted in His unpredictable way, He’d be asked to leave, despite His Lordship that we claim to honor.

Jesus loves simple faith. Just believe. Did God say it? Then believe it. Is He powerful enough to answer any prayer? Then believe it. You don’t need to know denomination. You don’t need to know chapter and verse. You just need to know Him.

Your hungry heart to see God will move you into realms of faith that many scholars will never see. Just believe, and watch heaven open up for you. Believe and be healed, blessed, and saved. Believe and God will be everything you need Him to be, because He loves faith.


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