God Has You Doing What You’re Doing For A Reason

You don't have to know God's plan to trust Him.

You don’t have to know God’s plan to trust Him.

I don’t know about you, but every so often, when I find myself knee-deep in projects that threaten to pull me under and I don’t have any flexibility in getting them done, I have to wonder, What in the world is God preparing me for?

I believe that God has a plan for each of us, but if we want to be successful in it, we have to let Him be in control. The problem is, when you hand the reigns over to Him, He takes off in directions you’re never quite ready for. Suddenly you’re learning new computer skills, managing a team for the first time, or going back to school.

Your experiences at work, at home, or at church, are all shaping you and preparing you for the next thing. Of course, the next thing won’t happen until you master what you’ve got, so it could take a while. But know that God does have a plan and, if you cooperate, He’ll take you places you never dreamed of.

Don’t complain about where you are right now. Give it to God and ask Him what He’s preparing you for. You are being shaped for a reason. Be excellent and watch to see what comes next.

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