Good People Go To Heaven, Right?

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Whoa, there’s a can of worms. Why would good people not go to heaven? How mean would God be if good people went to hell? It’s strange to me that so many people have an opinion about God, heaven, and hell without any real knowledge of where we get that information, the Bible. It’s God’s word. All you have to do is read it. Making up your own rules doesn’t make them real. And just because God does have rules doesn’t make Him bad. He’s very clear that playing inside His rules is life, and blessing, and heaven. Play outside His rules and you pay the consequences. Very simple. I feel sorry for people who don’t like rules at all because they’re missing everything, especially because they don’t realize how amazingly kind God is. His rules are there to protect us not punish us. What exactly are His rules? -Coming up.

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