Are You Being Humble Or Fearful?

Don't hesitate to do what God is asking you do to.

Don’t hesitate to do what God is asking you do to.

There are leaders and there are followers, but in the kingdom of God, everyone is a disciple. We are all called to live as Jesus showed us. We don’t all have the same calling, but we are all called to follow.

What that means is, whatever the Spirit of God is leading you to, you should go with it. Sometimes we act like sheep who have gone astray. We look to other people to step up when God may be calling us to do it.┬áIs the reason you don’t step up because you humbly think that other people are more qualified? Or are you just scared?

Often God will nudge us to step up in areas we don’t feel comfortable in, but that’s because He wants us to trust Him to make it work. All He wants is a willing heart. Gideon wasn’t the man anyone would have picked out to be the leader of an army. It was only after he moved in obedience that he saw God work on his behalf.

Spiritual growth takes faith. Don’t wait to feel like you can do what you think God wants you to do. Just obey and let Him bless your efforts. A mistake in stepping out is better than a mistake in not doing anything.

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