Imagine Your Life If You Were Not Afraid Of Anything–Anything!

God promises to keep you completely safe.

God promises to keep you completely safe.

Over and over and over again, God tells us not to be afraid. Fear not. He means it, and yet, we assume it’s ok to live with fear. That’s because we call it stress, worry, anxiety, embarrassment. We think it’s ok to worry because it shows how much we care about something or someone. What kind of parent would not worry about their kids?

Well, God says that worry, fear, what ever you want to call it is a sin. He wants us to trust in Him completely, even for our kids. Even for our jobs, our plans, our walk home in the dark. There is no situation that we can justify not trusting God. He says to fear not. Full stop.

In return for our complete trust, God promises to take care of us, tenderly. Psalm 91 is the paean to His loving protection:


  • You will live under the shadow of the Almighty.
  • He will be a fortress to you.
  • He will deliver you from traps set before you.
  • He will deliver you from death.
  • He will protect you like a mother bird covering you with His wings.
  • His truth will be your armor.
  • You will not be afraid of anything in the night or anything that can happen in the day.
  • People may fall all around you, but you will be safe.
  • No plague of sickness will come into your house.
  • You could step on a lion or cobra and not be harmed.
  • He will be with you in times of trouble and help you through.

What a wonderful promise. But you must know in your heart that God is true and will do what He says. If people are falling all around you, you have to keep your faith in God. They are falling because they lack faith. Don’t look at them, look at God.

If you can live with this complete trust and lack of fear, imagine what your life would be like. Imagine being unafraid to do anything the Lord leads you to, unafraid to speak up, unafraid to face any situation. If God is literally your shield, nothing can harm you. You are the blessed one. Imagine what that must look like to other people. How easy it would be to show them the One who protects you.

Repent for holding onto fear, stress, worry. Rebuke the lie that tries to make you afraidĀ and live in relaxed peace. You are completely safe in God. Now go change the world.


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