Is Your Faith Complicated?

about Jesus ChristDo you ever get amazed by stories of simple faith? I love to hear missionary stories about people who hear the gospel then immediately trust God for miracles because they believed what they heard.

I started thinking about what it takes to have that kind of simple faith, then God nudged me and said, It’s just called faith. Once it goes past being simple, it loses it’s faithiness. It’s like salt that stops being salty.

We love to complicate our relationship with God. We feel we have to act a certain way, pray for so long, or do everything we can for everyone else, then we’ll be good enough for God to hear us.

Jesus was always amazed at people who believed Him for miracles. And they were always people outside the Jewish tradition He was preaching to. There is no complicated faith. It’s all simple. God said it, so we can believe it. Full stop. Provision, grace, and healing are ours because He said so. Miracles are ours because He said so. Once we put conditions on what God will or will not do, we’ve stopped trusting Him completely. Practice simple faith and you’ll develop great faith.


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