If You Look For More, God Promises That You Will Find More

Will you search out the things of God?

Will you search out the things of God?

God is not insignificant, two-dimensional, or irrelevant. He is big, complex, and very much alive and near. If you want more out of your life as a believer, then go for it. There is so much more to have and to know.

Jesus said, Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (Mat 7:7) One definition of the word seek means, to try to find by searching. That is not casual. How badly do you want more out of your faith? Are you glancing about when it is convenient, or are you really looking under every rock, so to speak.

Jesus promised that if we would search for more, we would find it. If we ask for more, we would get it. Those aren’t idle promises. He wasn’t teasing us, He was promising us. If you really want to know more of God, if you want to see Him move in miraculous ways in your life, then start trusting Him to be exactly who He says He is.

Ask for big things and believe that you will get them. Ask for more understanding of who God is, and He will show Himself. It’s His word, so He will do what He said He would.


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