You Have Permission To Dream Big

You have permission to dream big.

You have permission to dream big.

Some people are natural at dreaming big. They are amazing. Then there are people like me. I need encouragement to ask for more than I think I should. I share a problem with many people. We think that if we can’t see a practical way to make something happen, then it can’t be done. We forget about what God can do.

God can take what we have and make it so much more. That’s His grace, His wisdom, His ability to do the miraculous. He can open doors we don’t even know about. He can bring opportunities, connections, and mentors.

Big dreams usually come from heaven anyway. God wants so much more for us than we tend to want for ourselves. Those ideas and dreams that you pull out sometimes then push back because they don’t seem real may be God dreams. Dust them off and take a better look at them. What if you prayed into them? What if you allowed yourself to take real steps toward them?

Give them to God. Hold them up and let Him know what’s on your heart. Allow Him to act on them. If you keep them buried, He can’t do anything. And don’t assume the it’s too late. We’re talking about God dreams here. Remember Abraham and Sarah? ┬áDream big and go for it.

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