Practicing To Be Strong

Great faith is a great goal.

Have you ever looked at strong Christians and admired their faith? I have. I thought that there was no way I could ever be like them. It took me years to come to the place where I finally understood that those people were just like me. The only difference was that they learned to trust God in a way that I hadn’t.

Strength doesn’t suddenly happen. Great faith doesn’t suddenly happen. We develop faith muscles by trusting God in the small things first. Baby steps. Believing for big miracles is awesome, but what happens when the miracle doesn’t occur? Is your faith developed enough to trust God for what you don’t see? Baby steps. Let God help in the little things and watch how easily they can work out in His hands. Faith upon faith. Once we see Him concerned for the little things, we can trust Him with bigger things.

Most of the time we go straight to putting big things in His hands without trusting Him for small stuff and we skip the lessons that the small things teach us. The small things teach us how loving His is. When we fail to learn that, we doubt Him with big things. We just really hope He will answer when we are panicked.

Practice your faith now, before something big hits your life. Allow Emmanuel to be near and trust Him with all the things that concern you. He’s made a way for everything.


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