The Secret To Answered Prayer Is Not In The Asking

He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.Our life in the kingdom is more than asking God to answer prayer. We’re called to be in a relationship with Him. That’s the reason for the whole enchilada, the reason for creation, and it’s out of that relationship that our prayers are answered.

he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. (Heb 11:6) See, it’s not in the asking that prayers are answered, it’s in seeking Him. When we spend time with Him, we don’t even need to talk much about our needs. In fact, God is more likely to give you the answers you’re looking for when you are just hanging out with Him. But He’s looking for diligent seekers.

What does diligence mean to you? Here is way to view what it could mean.

Diligence Level 1: Go to God once a day and ask for prayers to be answered.

Diligence Level 2: Go to God three times a day, maybe, with drive by prayers. You have a busy life.

Diligence Level 3. Set the timer on your phone to ping once an hour. Stop and contemplate God often during the day.

Diligence Level 4. You think of God all the time. You pause often in your day to think about His goodness. You love hearing His voice.

(This is not a formula. There is no formula. There is only you and God and how you relate to Him.)

The dictionary definition for diligence is “persevering determination to perform a task.”  How much of God do you want? What level are you now and what level do you want to be? Trust me, the more time you spend listening to the Holy Spirit, the more exciting your life will be. He promises to reward us, answer prayer, when we become friends. That’s what He’s looking for. And there’s nothing more awesome on earth than being friends with God.



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