Take Ownership Of Your Light

No one can shine for you

There’s a reason that Jesus calls us sheep. We like to be led. We want someone else to make the big decisions. Just tell us what’s right and what’s wrong and we’ll do that. Something is wrong with this picture. We’re not supposed to sit idly by while other people hear from God and we don’t. We shouldn’t be okay with that.

Arise, shine, for you light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. (Is 60:1) The light of God is in you. You’re supposed to shine. You are the light of the world. (Mat 5:14) Why be shy about that?

When you really read the Bible, you see how much we are meant to live outside of ourselves. We’re not called to have a quiet, private religion. There’s nothing Biblical about that. We’re meant to bless others, heal the sick, shout for joy. There was nothing shy about David and God loved him for it.

The more you look to God, the more He will show Himself and the less you have to be quiet about. People in love aren’t shy about telling everyone about it. Step up to your relationship with the One who¬†saved you. Start shining.


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