The Problem Of Fear

Don't allow fear to rob you of love.

Recognize fear, then rebuke it with the love of God.

Fear is insidious. It is seductive and dangerous. Dangerous enough to make you lose everything. Arm yourself against it at all costs. Anything you spend should be to protect yourself against fear. And there is only one weapon that will defeat it entirely–perfect love.

If you are struggling with fear, you need a better revelation of love. The love you think you know may be tainted with a bad image of what love really is. Being mistreated, ignored, and taken advantage of is not love. Love is selfless and kind. The love that defeats fear at the root comes straight from the throne of God. That’s the love you want.

You know if fear is a problem in your life, so do something about it. Repent for agreeing with the enemy and ask God for more of His love. Ask Him to allow you to receive more love. Ask Him to help you love more yourself. Ask Him to protect your heart and mind from the attacks of the enemy to seduce you into being fearful. ¬†When you feel fear, rebuke it. Deny it power and declare that God’s love is greater than any power on earth.

The love of God will save you and protect you, if you want it and ask for it. Kick fear out now and never let it come back.

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