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Faith is just trusting God to be God.

Faith is just trusting God to be God.

It almost seems cavalier to say, Oh, just trust God. Like you know what that means, when really, you don’t know what that means. I’ve been there. I thought I was trusting God, until it became clear that I wasn’t. I only knew about God.

Faith requires some level of activity on your part. Let’s say that you are worried that you’ll never get all the things done today that have to be done, because all of them are urgent or necessary. First, calm yourself. Settle your spirit in peace. Ask God to manage what you cannot. Ask Him to help you do what needs to be done.

Then do what you need to do. Faith is not about sitting on your hands and watching angels do your work. But as you work, trust that God will help you do it all. Don’t stress. The second you start to stress, you stop trusting God. Thank Him for what He is doing for you. Be happy. He is working on your behalf, because you asked Him to.

Looking for a job? Keep sending out the resumes, but know that God will take care of you. Don’t stress. Stress is agreeing with the enemy. God will do what He promises to do, and He promises to take care of you. Believe Him and be happy.

Living in faith is all about trusting God to be God and not worrying. He’ll be there for you. He really will.


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