What Will It Take For You Trust God?

The angels already came to announce that God is with us.

The angels already came to announce that God is with us.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if God sent angels to us to announce His presence and tell us all the things we need to know? Then we could nod and say, “That’s what I’m talking about! Finally, God is letting me know He’s for real!” We could really put our trust in Him, if we could see a sign with our own eyes. We all want the writing on the wall to make things perfectly clear.

The thing is, God already did that. The angels did come and announce His presence with us, and He did tell us very clearly what we need to do. He’s not going to do it again. The fact is, we are responsible for the message He already gave.

And the writing on the wall? The only time that happened, it was not a pretty message. (Dan 5:27) God has already promised to be everything that you need Him to be. All you have to do it take Him at His word. He is God, so He can’t lie. If there’s a problem, it’s with your faith, not His promise.

What will it take for you to believe Him? It’s going to take you finally letting go of the flimsy control you think you have. Give it all to God and let Him show you how it really works. There is blessing in that trust to protect you so He can be everything you need.


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