When It’s Hard To See The Promise

God’s promises never die

I heard an interesting story from a woman who works in prison ministry. She said that on two occasions, while standing out in the big exercise yard, she looked up and saw a black cloud surrounded by a rainbow. What a beautiful message for those who were so completely broken and full of despair.

Even as Christians, we can go through times of such grief and pain that it feels like we’ve made all the wrong choices and we’ll never be free of the repercussions. It may be true that we have made bad choices, but God still sees the beauty that He put in us. He never loses sight of the destiny and calling that is ours.

Grief, despair, pain, guilt are not of God. Those are assaults of the enemy. It is our responsibility to repent and give those attacks over to Jesus. He’s the Big Brother who will step up to defend us.

Every black cloud is surrounded by promise. He will never leave us or forsake us. He is our God yesterday, today and forever. There’s no reason to live under the cloud and every reason to live in the promise.


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