Being Bendy Is A Good Thing

good changeWhich do you think is a better way to live, being rigid or being flexible? In general, I think we’d agree that flexibility is better. In the body, rigidity prevents movement. We need to bend and flex freely.

We also need flexibility in our relationship with God, as well. Jesus never had a formula for how He did anything. Sometimes He touched people to heal then. Other times, He spoke and His words healed. And what about the time He spit in the mud and put it on the guy’s eyes?

We have to be open to flexibility. We have to allow God to move up, down, or sideways. If He says go dip in the river seven times, then that’s the thing to do. We can’t argue back and say that’s not how things are done. There are seasons and God will change up how He wants to work just to make sure that we are walking with Him and not what we are used to.

I looked up the word “bend” in the scriptures, and every occurrance had to do with warfare–bending the bow. Allowing for flexibility with God gives strength and power exactly where we need it. We just have to trust that God sees the bigger picture and why the flexibility is necessary. Want your walk to be stronger with God? Bend with the wind. It will also put down strong roots.


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