The Desires Of Your Heart Will Come After You Learn To Delight

Thank God for all the good things He's done for you.

Thank God for all the good things He’s done for you.

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. (Ps 37:4) This blessing that comes from God is not automatic. We have to do our part. We cannot give lip service to God and then expect Him to give us our hearts’ desires. We need to embrace His goodness and love Him totally and completely as the great love of our soul.

So how do you delight yourself in Him? Start with thinking about what He has done for you. Maybe you’ve been healed and delivered from pain and depression. Rejoice in that! That’s amazing. He protects you from fear so you never have to be afraid again. He gives you wisdom and understanding in areas that you give to Him. He gives you joy for sadness, peace for worry, and love for hate.

Stop and think about all that God has done and is doing for you. He is wonderful and loving and kind. Let your heart be full of His compassion and give it back to Him. Count your blessings, like the old song says. When you are truly thankful for your new life, you can delight in Him. You can stand in His presence with great joy because of who He is. Live like that, and the desires of your heart will come.


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