Don’t Try To Be Brave

I think there’s good brave and bad brave. The good brave is what Paul encourages, Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. (ICor 16:13) That’s being brave to stand on your convictions, not to be intimidated by others to compromise your faith. Then there’s bad brave, the kind where you think you can handle everything yourself. That goes against the Lord’s command to trust in Him.

We’re supposed to enter into the kingdom as little children. Picture a child faced with a scary situation, something terrifying to a little one. If he decides to act in bravery, he will put on a strong face, but inside be scared as all get out. God doesn’t want that. He wants that child to feel the full strength and comfort of holding His hand and knowing that He will be the one to protect and guide. It is sin to try to deal with the painful issues of life on our own because we are commanded to trust in Him. If we try to be brave, we’ll have to deal with consequences of our own rebellion. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. (ISam 15:23) Ouch! Keep your hand in His and let Him win the battles. There’s so much peace there and the outcome is always in your best interest.


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