Give God Back The Glory He Put In You

Give God back the glory that He put in you.

Give God back the glory that He put in you.

Remember the story of the business man who gave his servants talents before traveling to far country? (Mat 25:14-30) We often use this story in relation to our real talents, but there is another layer of understanding to be had. God gave us His glory, and He wants it back.

When we receive Christ, God puts His Spirit in us. He comes fully loaded with all His glory. What we chose to do with it will be something we will answer for someday. If we fail to acknowledge God’s presence and His glory in our lives, we are like the servant who buried the one talent he was given. The master was furious with him.

But if we embrace the presence of God in us, our hearts will swell with praise and worship and give  back to Him the glory that is His—the glory He put in us in the first place. He is wonderful in that He gives us everything that He requires of us.

The only way you can give back to Him more than you were given is to love Him fully and freely. You cannot praise Him grudgingly. Real praise is heartfelt and uncontainable. If you are truly in love with God, your heart will magnify His glory back to Him and you will feel His pleasure.


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