Give Yourself Time To Meditate On God’s Word

Slow down and soak in what the Word has to say.

Slow down and soak in what the Word has to say.

I used to think that I was doing everything I needed to do by going to church and reading my Bible everyday. I didn’t realize that just reading the word wasn’t what God wanted for me. He wants it to change me. I didn’t allow my reading to change me because once I was done, I ticked it off my to-do list and went to bed. I didn’t give myself time to think about it.

The Psalmist says, My eyes are awake through the night watch, that I may meditate on Your word. (Psa 119:148)

Reading the word out of obedience is like pouring water on hard ground. It will get the top layer wet, but most of it will run off. Meditating on the word for depth and understanding is like pouring water on well tilled soil. It soaks in deep and gives life to roots that need to grow.

If you don’t have time to meditate on the word every day, then you need to change your schedule. You need that refreshing to change you in the ways God wants to change you. Slow down. Journal about what you’re learning. Underline what speaks to you. It is a living Word with a lot to say. Don’t miss it.

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