God Has Never Been Distant From Us | He Is Intimately Near

God chose one man to be friends with and change history forever.

God chose one man to be friends with and change history forever.

I love that God is personal with us. It’s sad that so many believed for so long that God was impersonal, barely even a person, who lived in the far, far distance and only associated with people when He was angry. That is a perverse description of Him.

In fact, God loves us so much, that He came to live with us. He knows all about our aches and pains because He got tired and hungry just like we do. He is personally, intimately close to us. He cares about the things that we care about. Many of those things He put in us in the first place.

I find it amazing that our entire culture of faith came from God picking out one man named Abram. One man, out of who knows how many million that lived. God got personal with one man and a culture was born to change our relationship with Him forever.

God cared about Abram, how he lived, what he thought, what he would pass on. He was chosen, and not by a random drawing. He was chosen because God knew him. He has always been close to us and always will be. He is a personal God because He knows you and He knows me, as a person. That’s the way it is between friends.


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