God Has Better Ideas, So I Want What He Wants For Me

It feels like it’s been years of me telling God what I wanted. I wasn’t asking to be rich and famous. I just had an idea of what I wanted for my life and would lift it up and press God to answer my prayers. I actually made very little progress seeing those answers come. In fact, it felt like taking one more trip around Mount Sinai.

I want what God wants for me..

I want what God wants for me.

But recently, I’ve  begun to see things from another prospective. What if I stop asking God for what I want and start asking Him for what He wants. He’s always going to want the best for me. He can see things that I can’t and knows me better than I know myself, so trusting His desires seems a lot better than trusting mine.

As I look at my life, I can see what He is doing in me through circumstances and time. I never would have asked for that myself. No one asks to be put in difficult situations just for the fun of it. but we want the positive affects that come after.

This is my plan going forward. I want what God wants for me, even if that means going through pressure to make me more like Him. I’ll take the pressure over the easy life any day if I get to be more like Jesus.


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