God Is True And He Always Will Be

who is GodWhat do you know to be true about God? Think carefully about what you really know to be true, not what you’ve been taught. There’s a huge difference.

Is God good? Is He kind and generous? Does He love you? How you define the things you know to be true about God will reveal your real relationship with Him. If you can’t say that He is loving, you may have some issues with your own father to work out and forgive. If you can’t say that He’s faithful, you won’t trust Him with your life.

Make a list and take a good, long look at it. If you truly believe that God is good, kind, faithful, loving, and merciful, how should you be living? If His word is true, are you doing what it says?

Saying God is good, but living as if He isn’t closes doors to answered prayer. If He is good, then you can trust Him. If He is faithful, then He will always take care of you and you have nothing to worry about.

If you don’t believe that God is who He says He is, you need to figure out why you believe that. If you do believe Him, then act like it.


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