God’s Sanctuary Is Portable, Because It’s In You

Sanctuary is within you.

Sanctuary is within you.

There is something absolutely beautiful about our sanctuary in God. It is a place where God dwells and a place of safety for us. In the old days, the sanctuary was a physical location, but after we receive salvation through Christ, it is our heart. When God lives in us, we become His sanctuary and He becomes our place of safety.

It sounds strange, that our hearts should be a place of safety. But God is in us and He promises to be our shield and protection. In Him there is peace. In Him we can fear not. He said to give no thought to what we eat or drink or wear. He knows all about that and has a plan. We’re responsible to trust Him so He can work it out.

Find that place of sanctuary. Find Him in your heart and feel His peace and His smile. He loves you so much and waits patiently for you to come hang out with Him. And the more you do, the stronger your connection with Him will grow. You’ll feel greater peace and trust Him even more.

Sanctuary is with you wherever you go. You are just a heartbeat away from safety, peace, and help. And there’s more there as well: wisdom, love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control. Everything you need is right there waiting. Go find it.


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