Great Big God, Little Bitty Devil

God is bigMy friend taught her children when they were small that we have a great,  big God compared to the little, bitty devil. It was a wonderful comparison. We forget that the devil was a created being. He is not more powerful than the One who created him. He just wants us to think he is.

God is the great power of the universe, but He waits for us to turn to Him. We have free will. It’s our decision to trust Him. The devil, however, does have power and does not wait for our permission. He runs rampant through the earth and his mission is to kill, steal, and destroy. He creates chaos and sorrow because we let him.

When we trust God with all our hearts, when we live in His salvation and righteousness, we spread His kingdom. Where the kingdom reigns, evil cannot be free to cause hurt. The decision to live in God’s kingdom or terrors of the devil is ours.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. (Ps 33:12) We can live in a nation blessed by God and protected by Him, but we must turn our hearts and lives to Him. He promises to take care of us if we trust Him. He is not a God that He can lie. He is bigger than any evil, we just have to believe Him.


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