How Can I Hear From God? Part 3

God Speaks Through Our Thoughts

God made you so He’s very aware of how you think and feel. He speaks through your own consciousness more than you realize. Thoughts can come to you from the enemy, yourself, or God. It’s good to recognize which is which. In fact, it’s very good to know that there are bad thoughts that don’t belong to you at all. You can just ignore them. But God gives you awesome thoughts. They may be ideas for new things, insight and revelation about situations or people, or a communication telling you how important you are to Him. God’s thoughts won’t scare you or make you feel bad about yourself. He’s plan is to always make you better and feel safe. And the cool thing is, you can have a complete conversation with Him and no one can hear it. He understands privacy. Coming up, more ways He talks to you.

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