How Can I Hear From God? Part 6

God Speaks Through Our Dreams

Can God talk to me in my sleep? Most definitely. Dreams are a big way of communicating to you and there are lots of examples in the Bible of that. They may feel real, like your not sleeping at all. Sometimes those message dreams wake us up at night. Keep a journal by your bed and take the time to write them down before you go back to sleep. Same thing when you wake up in the morning, write down a dream that you remember that feels like a message. They don’t stay in our memory for very long. Look at everything in the dream for meaning—sound, color, numbers, order of things. Images can have special significance and there are good books to look up dream interpretation. Of course, we can get strange dreams because the pizza we ate or stress, so filter out what doesn’t feel like God. Next, making sense of it.

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